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excluding what everyone's been saying about letting the reaper pass (which I agree is an issue) I feel the actual difficulty is too easy. if you never let go of right arrow you wont die even if you mess up and get caught on an obstacle. These are easy fixes, remove the ability to move left and speed up the enemy/slow down the player. good luck on your next game dude.

RedPixie responds:

See, I originally wouldn't allow you to go left, but people complained so I can't please everyone with it. But thank you for playing! I hope to make this better.

I really enjoyed this game but i'm a little confused about something. I never found the tiger plushie the wall referred to and i got a gold statue and a piece of coal but i never used them. Are they meant to be used or is just having it in your inventory unlock an ending?

One glitch

When i neat the epilogue with ken and ryu it remained lit. other than that i enjoyed the game especially the fight against Gen whoever that was i don't remember him from the series but anyway leave the battle system the way it is the other people whine too much i bet 100 dollars they havent beaten megaman 2 . they are softie gamers not oldschool as some claim to be.

Muja responds:

The epilogue is not a true level, is just a little optional fight plus the normal ending of the game.
Thank you for your support, really. And for the review! ;)

not that great

i gave it 5 for the humor the flash wasn't that great


there are many glitches and the programming for the lock picking is poorly executed.


It is an alright game. it is not the most advanced ive seen but still decent.

nothing special

a good game overall i am disappointed with a glitch in the room where you get the car keys. once you enter you cannot return to the previous rooms.

selfdefiant responds:

Wow, I was unaware of this, thank you for letting me know. It is fixed now.

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